Junior Coaching Programs Overview

SWG Junior Coaching Program Levels 

Firstpick your child's level from the descriptions below for Tee it Up, Medalist, Champion, Premier and Elite. Click on each description for more information on that level. Click Here for a Printable Junior Coaching Programs Flyer

we recommend starting a player in our Tee it Up Program unless your child has tournament scores to qualify him/her for a certain level and/or has been evaluated by a SWG Certified Instructor. Email us with questions.

click here for our Session 1 Junior Calendar that shows the days and times for all Junior Programs for Session 1 (4/23-6/3).  This shows you the days and times that each level is offered at each location. 

Fourth, once you have your class level and location preference review our current Packages and Promotions and proceed to registration link.  

Fifth, select the registration button to go through to our registration system.  During registration
you will select those choices in the registration process and your child will be registered for that class level and class day and time at your selected location. Any current promotions will be applied after registration as a credit to your payment card.


  • The Tee it Up Program
    For "Never Ever" golfers and those with little to no swing or instructional experience. We have a variety of classes for ages 3 through teen:  Little Masters (Age 3), Masters, (Ages 4-5), Stars (Ages 6-8), Rising Stars (Ages 9-12) and Rising Stars Teen (Ages 13+).

  • The Medalist Program
    For players ages 7-17 still developing skills who have completed 4 Tee it Up Classes and played 9 holes in a Suzy Series Event within the designated scoring requirement.
    The player requirement to move to Medalist is 39 from 200 yards. With this score the player is also is invited to compete in SWG Tour Events.

  • The Champion Program
    For players ages 7-17 who have shot 54 or less in a SWG Tour Event from the red tees (girls) or the white tees (boys).

  • The Premier Program
    For players ages 10-17 who have shot 45 or less in a SWG Tour Event from the red tees (girls) or the white tees (boys).

  • The Elite Program
    By invitation only, for players interested in, or currently, playing high level competitive and collegiate golf and who have shot 80 or less in a SWG Tour Event from the red tees (girls) or the white tees (boys)

Wait!  How does my child advance through your Junior Coaching Programs?
Click Here for a printable PDF of our SWG Advancement System

Six 4-Week Sessions for 2017:

Session 1: 4/23-6/3 (Session 1 is 6 weeks; sign up early and receive extra classes or join for just 4 weeks)
Session 2: 6/4-7/1
Session 3: 7/2-7/29
Session 4: 7/30-8/26
Session 5: 8/27-9/23
Session 6: 9/24-10/21

Click Here for Session 1 Calendar (April 23-June 3) Showing Days and Times of Coaching Program
Click Here for Session 2 Calendar (June 4-July 1) Showing Days and Times of Coaching Programs

When registering, please choose a specific day and time per week for your class. That will be your designated day and time for the entire 4-week session.

You will receive a log-in for our website. Your registered class schedule will be shown on your account. You may also book additional private lessons with your login on our website.

One makeup for any missed class for any reason per 12 weeks (may be made up at the end of 12 weeks and only if email is received by SWG prior to missed class. Any other absence for any class, on-course or private lesson is counted as an attended session.

You will be invited to an orientation webinar prior to the start of each session to assist you in navigating registration and everything Suzy Whaley Golf.

All credit cards accepted. 


What SWG families are saying:

"Jim was instrumental in raising (my son's) confidence in sports through the demeanor and calmness with which he handles kids. I am sure Jim will be a teacher/coach that (my son) will remember throughout his lifetime."
Parent, Glastonbury

"Christy and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience Christopher had this year being part of your program. It was fantastic to see him develop and learn more about golf and himself. It has really been enjoyable for all of us."
Parent, Simsbury

"We have been very impressed with Coach Jim. He is knowledgeable and great with kids. He has been a good influence on (our daughter). We like him very much.
Parent, Glastonbury

"I want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts and talents. You continue to inspire, develop and model for Michael all that is good about golf."
Parent, Avon

"I just completed my first session with Nathalie and Nick and I was very pleased and how much my golf has improved thanks to the excellent coaching I got from these two wonderful people."
Participant, Tee It Up 

"Kerry and I have so much faith in what Cullen can become with whatever he chooses to pursue in life but I will admit we are amazed at the progress he has made in just two years in your program. He loves the game more than I had even hoped which is fostered by the culture of the coaching team and his golf teammates. Mixing that with the structure of the program allows him to work and improve every time he plays."
Parent, Farmington

"I admire all that you've done (and are hoping to do) in creating your program. We're happy that Sarah has a place to figure it all out at her own pace and I'm enjoying watching her from the sidelines and talking it up while I'm out in the community. It is an easy product to sell."
Parent, Avon 

"Thank you for all you did for Mia this season. She appears to be making some great progress in all aspects, and still has a lot of upside potential. Lauren and I could not be more pleased with your program and everything you and the staff have helped her achieve so far."
Parent, Farmington

Come for a free evaluation!! We can schedule one at your convenience at either location: Farmington or Cromwell  (Evaluations available starting April 10th)

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