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Suzy Whaley Golf is pleased to announce our partnership with Ellen Palmer Wellness.  Ellen Palmer Wellness is offering exclusive packages to our students to help our students improve your nutrition, overall well-being and your game.

Ellen Palmer is a Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Change Coach specializing in helping teenage girls and boys as well as professional men and women achieve optimal wellness and success through nutrition, movement and self care solutions designed for their bio-individual needs.


She is the Owner of Ellen Palmer Wellness,  Founder of the Best You Retreat For Women™ and the creator of the Once And For All Weight Loss™ Programs. Ellen coaches clients one-on-one locally at her wellness practice in Avon, Ct and nationally via Skype.  She also hosts local group programs as well as webinars on a variety of wellness and lifestyle topics including stress management, time management, digestive issues, fueling and recovering workouts, boosting your immune system, managing food sensitivities, weight loss, Candida and others.

Ellen has appeared on Fox 61 News, WFSB News and Clear Chanel radio programs as a wellness contributor.   

She is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC as well as St. Michael’s College in Vt.   Ellen lives in Simsbury with her husband and two sons.  

Looking for whole food nutrition that will fuel your body, recover your muscles, boost your immune system, is beyond organic, affordable and tastes great?  Juice Plus capsules or gummies will do that and more.  Click here to learn about the most convenient way to guarantee you are getting your daily allowance of fruits and veggies for a strong body and clear mind.

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