What people are saying about Suzy

I have known Suzy Whaley for over 20 years and I think she is an outstanding golf professional in every way. She is an ambassador for ladies golf around the country and a wonderful advocate for junior golf. I thoroughly recommend The Suzy Whaley Junior Golf Academy. 
Martin Hall
PGA Teacher of the Year
Top 50 Golf Digest Instructor
Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructor

Letter to Pete Bevacqua, CEO PGA of America:
We couldn't have done it without you and most significantly we couldn't have done it without the great Suzy Whaley who so perfectly defined the ideals of the PGA of America in her education and enthusiasm for our young golfers from around the world. We trust you saw her spread the word for the PGA of Americas efforts to grow golf in our three day Golf Channel coverage from The Greenbrier. 
Sir Nick Faldo

Tom Morton and I thought your presentation was fabulous, full of great insights and truly valuable information for our section membership and our industry attendees. 
Scott Prenez, PGA

Quick note at the end of the year to thank you for working with me this year. You helped salvage my season and winning the 5th flight championship at Yale was the first thing I ever won. How satisfying. I thank you very much and look forward to seeing you in the spring. 
David Sembiante

Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome golf experience for the kids! Mia loved it and already can’t wait until the next time. It is amazing how much she learned and improved in just eight weeks. 
Lauren Grzywinski 
PGA Junior League participant parent

Suzy……thank you so much for taking this HUGE project on. It was our pleasure to assist you with the process. The event was a success on so many levels. Remember:  “All humanity is divided into three classes…those who are immovable, those who are movable and those who move.” – 
Ben Franklin
You are definitely a “mover” and are truly making a difference in the lives of girls through golf. We are proud to be your teammate!
Nancy Henderson 
LPGA Sr. V.P. / Executive Director 
President LPGA Foundation

It was great to see you again this morning. I truly appreciate your willingness and passion to bring golf/SNAG into the schools. It is a wonderful opportunity for all students and it will support Glastonbury goals to encourage students to engage in healthy habits, physical activity and lifetime sports. Staff and students will continue to grow as a result of your presentation and professional development. Thank you for the resources and your guidance, not only to get this program started, but introducing us to community programs that will provide students with a vast array of opportunities.  
Ann Marie Colebrook
Director of Health and Physical Education, PreK-12
Glastonbury (CT) Public Schools

Suzy & Bill,
Thank you for all the support and positive feedback you give to Julia! She feels incredible after she leaves a lesson with you and Bill! She couldn't wait to head to Timberlin later in the day to work on what she was taught today. Thank you.
Ed & Bridget K.

I was excited to open up my new Golf Digest and see that you are the Number 1 teacher in CT and top 50 in the country. Of course, I didn’t need those rankings to know you’re the best golf instructor. Congratulations on a well deserved honor! By the way, last year at this time my GHIN index was 16.8. After working with you for one year, my GHIN is down to 12.8, the lowest it has ever been in my life. A four stroke improvement. I could not be happier about that fact, nor can I thank you enough.
James Tallberg

You made a difference for me when i took those lessons from you. I knew you are the best. I started to play golf quite late in my life but you are the reason for me to commit to it. You gave me hope. I enjoy it!
Leela Atluru

I met you last year when you gave my wife a lesson. I like to think of myself as golf aficionado, I have told countless people about the lesson you gave my wife. It was a full hour long, detailed on all aspect's of the game, drills to work on, comparison's to other pro's and a complete video. You are a true gift to the game. 
Michael Archer 

You have made golf so much a part of my life now, I hardly look forward to playing tennis anymore! Thank you ever so much!!!
Barbara Howard

I can't thank you enough for your remarks to our student body last week. The students were inspired (as were we adults) by your clarity, conviction, and healthy competitiveness (i.e., not in the traditional female relationship context, but in an open athletic one), directness, energy, and optimism. You are a wonderful role model, combining your own passion with a commitment to your family as well. What you said about the necessity for sacrifice if one is to accomplish something was so important too. Our culture continues to perpetuate the myth that one could (indeed should) be able to have everything, and it should be painless.

Burch Tracy Ford, Head of School, Miss. Porter's School 

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Atlanta and be part of the Women in Insurance and Financial Services Conference. Your presentation was both informative and touching. You helped make the conference a huge success. You were great!
Susan Sweetser, Second Vice-President, MassMutual

"Thank you very much for your involvement in the Realogy Charity Golf Classic. Through the generous contributions of time, resources, and money, the recipients of this year's campaign will improve the lives of many deserving individuals. Your selfless involvement will make it possible to grant wishes to terminally ill children. Although I could never be an adequate spokesperson for our charities, I know that they would each join me in saying that your involvement made a very positive difference in the lives of many."
Richard Smith, Chairman and CEO, Realogy

The New York City critics gave you a five star rating and so do we, the Women's Metropolitan Golf Association. Your presence at our annual meeting at the New York Athletic Club met with rave reviews. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Gerri Scarpa, WMGA


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